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Welcome to Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. Originally started in founder Don Zientara's basement, the studio has been in continuous operation for over 25 years. During that time, virtually all of Washington's most widely recognized and acclaimed bands have recorded here, from Minor Threat, Rites Of Spring and Fugazi, to The Dismemberment Plan, Q & Not U, and Black Eyes.


We pride ourselves on providing a casual, comfortable space for people to create and record music, which is why so many musicians have made multiple records at Inner Ear. Technology, equipment, and maintenance are important to us, but vibe and energy have always come first. So have a look around, and feel free to drop us a line!

Voice: 703.820.8923
Fax:     703.578.9485


Have songs already recorded? Run it through our A-80 Studer 2-track, and see how the songs pop out! Adds warmth and depth!
Posted  February 10, 2013

Audio in the Studio course: Mics, sound waves, signal flow, digital audio, mixers, amplifiers, signal processing, intro to ProTools, Digital Performer, studio design, and a good deal of hands-on practice. It is "1-on-1" training with each topic arranged in a 2 hour course in the studio here.
Posted  December 10, 2011

∆∆∆ Send an MP3 to: for a free mini critique of the recording techniques you used, and suggestions for future recordings!
Posted  August 11, 2011

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